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Recommended websites

The Christadelphians are a world-wide community and there are many Christadelphian ecclesias who produce resources for teaching the gospel. Below are some links to resources we think you might be interested in. As with all things, please watch/read/listen with your Bible in hand!

Essential Bible Studies Podcast

This podcast deals with fundamental Bible subjects in an easy to understand and structured way and is a useful listen whatever your Bible knowledge.

Christadelphian Talks Podcast

This podcast contains a range of studies and thoughts from a variety of scriptures.

Wrested Scriptures

The Bible doesn't teach the beliefs held by many religions. This website explains many passages which are often misunderstood by various Christian denominations.

Learn to Read the Bible Online

An interactive course to help you study the Bible for yourself! Learn at your own pace with videos and questions to reinforce knowledge

Christadelphian Video

A website containing thousands of Bible talks and studies from the Christadelphian community around the world. Search by speaker, topic or target audience to find a video to interest you! This website is sponsored by the Rugby Christadelphians and is managed by a worldwide team which includes many of our members.

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