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Our Upcoming Sunday Bible Talks

Talks start at 6.15pm except on the first Sunday of each month when they start at 3pm

25th December - Jesus Christ: Born to be King on Earth

1st January - Where Do The Dinosaurs Fit In?

8th January - The Abraham Accords: Is This Peace in the Middle East?


15th January - Is God Pleased With You

22nd January - Why Does God Allow Suffering?

29th January - How Jesus’ Crucifixion Can Save You From Eternal Death


5th February - From a Seed to the Tree of Life

12th February - There IS a God - Rejoice!

19th February - Who Is Jesus? A King Appointed by God

26th February - Is There a Conflict between the Bible and Science?

5th March - The Coming Coronation of the King

12th March - The Origin and Authority of the Bible

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