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Our Upcoming Sunday Bible Talks

Talks start at 6.15pm except on the first Sunday of each month when they start at 3pm

14th April

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


21st April
Adam Was First Formed


28th April
World Peace Is Coming!


5th May
Bible Teaching in the Lord’s Prayer


12th May
Stormy Wind Fulfilling God’s Word


19th May
Why Jesus Can’t Be God


26th May
Robert Roberts and the Christadelphians


2nd June
The Foretold Messiah: The Prophetic Journey to Jesus


9th June
What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?


16th June
Bible Teaching about the Holy Spirit


23rd June
The Gospel Preached by the Apostles


30th June
The Purpose of Sacrifice


7th July
Evidence That Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead

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