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Are you worried about the state of our world?

Are you worried about the lack of solutions the government has to the endless problems in this country?

The Bible clearly says that God is still in control of world events and will solve all of the seemingly insurmountable problems by setting up His kingdom on this earth, ruled over by Jesus Christ.

We aren't told when this will be, but many prophecies in the Bible, (including the amazing survival and return of the Israeli nation to their land, after almost 2000 years) have come to pass. 

This gives us many reasons to believe that this one will too.

Who are the Christadelphians?

The word 'Christadelphian' means 'Brethren in Christ' (the Greek implies that this includes both men and women). We are a worldwide community who believe the Bible to be entirely inspired and it forms the basis of our faith. We share the hope of resurrection, eternal life in God’s coming Kingdom on Earth.

Our ecclesia meets in Rugby, to worship, study and teach others about the hope contained in the Bible. Careful, continual study has led us to have a true understanding of what the Bible teaches about God, His son Jesus and how this should affect our lives.

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